The front page of The Gympie Times in 2017 when the full Power 30 list was revealed.
The front page of The Gympie Times in 2017 when the full Power 30 list was revealed.

Who will make this year's Gympie Region Power 30? Who won't?

POWER 30 - the Gympie region's 30 Most Influential People of 2018 - will be published in just a few weeks to pay tribute to the men and women who make things happen in our community.

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POWER 30: Big business meets small town

And while some of the region's better-known "movers and shakers” will get a mention, there could again be a few surprises. There are some people who can stake their claim for a spot in the top 30 right now but the big question will be how highly they rank.

POWER 30: Number 30, Carl Green
Carl Green made the list last year but will he make it this year? Contributed

The key to this list is the word "influential”.

Gympie's most influential No 9-16

Gympie's most influential No 22-30

Who will be the newcomers this year?

Who will be notably absent?

Caitlyn Shadbolt is at number 25 in the Gympie Power 30.
Caitlyn Shadbolt made the list last year but will she make it this year? Scott Kovacevic

Across sport, education, health, business, politics and industry, the people who are honoured won't necessarily be famous or well known, or the most hard working or doing the best things for the best causes, but they will be having an influence on the lives of others, in the Gympie region and beyond.

Gympie MP Tony Perrett chills in Memorial Park.
Gympie MP Tony Perrett Scott Kovacevic

A small committee including a well known CEO, a business community leader, a political identity and a senior Gympie Times employee have been invited to work together to agree on a final list of 30 names this year, and their ranking.

GYMPIE'S POWER 30 2017: The full list

The list will be progressively revealed in September, straight after the Muster. I will stress again this year that the Power 30 is a subjective list and we welcome our readers' suggestions and feedback.

Email the newsroom at or post your suggestions on Facebook.

I LOVE GYMPIE REGION: Gympie Regional Council Mayor Mick Curran in conjunction with The Gympie Times deputy editor Shelley Strachan hands over a donation to Little Haven's Sue Manton.The money was donations made to the Little Haven in return for an I Love Gympie Region cap.
Shelley Strachan made the list last year but will she be there again this year? Craig Warhurst