Whoever runs the universe needs to lift their game

"BASICALLY Greg, you're upset because the universe doesn't work the way you think it should," said Old Mate, "then you annoy me with your complaining."

Well, so much for a sympathetic ear.

It had been a hell of a day; a day from hell.

The sort of day that leaves you physically, mentally and emotionally shattered.

I won't bore you with the wretched tale of non-stop woe that plagued me from the moment my eyes were prised open at 3am, but things did go rapidly downhill from that moment on.

In fact, so much stuff went wrong that by lunchtime I was wondering if someone had secretly sticky taped an "insert pineapple here" sign on to the back of my pants.

Just before sunset my blood pressure reached "pre-Krakatoa eruption" level, so I sought out Old Mate for a little sympathy, and possibly some free beer. I got neither.

Instead I got an insightful lecture on what was wrong with my perception of reality, delivered in a calm voice that somehow managed to make me even angrier.

Even if he'd been the Dalai Lama I still would have wanted to punch him in the throat, repeatedly.

Obviously I wasn't in the right frame of mind, ie slightly intoxicated; otherwise I might have actually learnt something useful.

So, I stomped home, fixed the shower (don't ask), then went straight to bed, hoping to head off further misery by slipping into blissful unconsciousness as soon as possible.

But, before passing out, I acknowledged that some days, stuff happens, and that it's silly to expect that every single day will be good.

Plus, the world doesn't revolve around me, nor does it have a personal vendetta against me… possibly.

But honestly, is this any way to run a universe?

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