Tony Abbott handing out how to vote cards in Manly. Source: Instagram
Tony Abbott handing out how to vote cards in Manly. Source: Instagram

Why does it always rain on Tony?

POLITICS is a brutal business - a point that was made abundantly clear to former PM Tony Abbott as he hit the campaign trail this week.

Mr Abbott drew widespread ridicule as he cut a lonely figure handing out how-to-vote cards at a wharf in Manly. 

Now a new video has shown just how bad things were on that tough day in the rain. 

The video starts with a person filming their approach towards the one time national leader. 

"Tony Abbott!" the person filming shouts. 

"Hello! How are you?" Mr Abbott replies.

"You are a homophobic dinosaur, why don't you f*** off and die," the angry commuter throws back.

Mr Abbott appears to reply but the footage cuts off before he's heard. 

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The encounter rounds out a mixed week for Mr Abbott who seems stuck in a cycle - going from hero to zero and back again. 

Earlier in the week he was a social media star after revelations he stopped to help a man whose car had broken down won him Instagram fame and favour.

And this morning he posted a picture at the same ferry terminal, this time shaking hands with a more pleasant member of the public.  

"It was good to meet my constituents this morning," he captioned the picture on Instagram. 

Meanwhile the man who took his job, Malcolm Turnbull was hard on the campaign trail in western Sydney today.