It might be July, but the region is not quite feeling the chill.
It might be July, but the region is not quite feeling the chill. Scott Powick

Why Gympie's winter feels like summer

GYMPIE residents looking forward to winter weather will have to wait a little bit longer, with morning temperatures to remain twice the July average until the end of the week.

With the exception of a brief drop to single digits tomorrow, the region's morning temperatures will remain about 12C until Saturday.

The early morning fogs are also likely to continue too, with BoM forecaster Jess Gardner saying the long-awaited winter chill is still just around the corner.

BIG CHILL: Gympie residents got their first blast of winter this morning.
That winter feeling is still a week away. Tessa Mapstone

Ms Gardner said cloudy weather was the cause of the warm nights, as the day's heat had nowhere to escape.

And while the temperature will finally dip, she said it would not reach the chill we felt in June when it hit 0.9C.

"Hopefully it shouldn't get down to those temperatures,” she said.

Temperatures will skyrocket this week and could prove dangerous.
Morning temperatures will still be twice the July average through the end of the week. Contributed

"But we should see it cooling off over the weekend.”

In the daytime temperatures will remain three degrees above average at about 24C, with an expected drop to 20 early next week.

Those who enjoyed last night's brief rain detour (5mm fell in Gympie overnight) could have something to look forward to, with a 50 per cent chance of up to 12mm falling as the week closes out.