Negotiations for a Corella gun range have now been going on for 25 years.
Negotiations for a Corella gun range have now been going on for 25 years. Christopher Chan GLA080112SHOT

Why is Curra still waiting for a gun range 25 years later?


I READ the article on page five of Wednesday's The Gympie Times about the Curra gun range.

Two years ago I attended a meeting at which the mayor, Mick Curran, spoke about the past history of negotiations with the State Government regarding the proposed site at Curra.

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Your article mentions this. In response to a question from the floor, the Mayor made a public commitment for the council to purchase freehold land. This was two years ago. What I was wondering was, what has happened in the last two years to further this goal? The article doesn't say.

As I understand it from the meeting, the various gun clubs only need access to the land and a couple of days with earth-moving equipment to have something that could be used. Then facilities could be developed as funds come available.

Compared to large projects like the Mary Valley Rattler and Aquatic Centre, both of which are famously over budget, this would seem to be something fairly simple and yet a quarter century later, we are still waiting.

There are a lot of shooters who come up from the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane to use the local ranges, as ranges down there are crowded. But the local ranges are limited.

Also, with a combined range, state and national competitions could be held here, and there would be an economic benefit for local businesses.

All of those shooters, and their families, will need fuel, food, and accommodation at least.

Perhaps it is time to push ahead?

Daryl Brenton,