Get a FREE NutriBullet with our latest digital subscription offer!
Get a FREE NutriBullet with our latest digital subscription offer!

Why this kitchen gadget has won my heart...

I HAVE always been a fan of those 'find everything in your kitchen and chuck it in a frypan' recipes - or as my former housemate used to call it 'pantry surprise'.   

Especially when it actually turns out edible and not a mound of mismatched scraps you feel bad even offering the neighbour's dog.  

So it's no surprise the NutriBullet is a gadget that has won my heart. 

You literally chuck whatever you want in there and whiz it up. Few seconds later you have a smoothie and nine out of the ten I have made have been amazing. (Hot tip: don't add raw garlic unless you want to blow your head off.)  

My favourite smoothie at the moment is spinach, kale, pineapple, kiwifruit, coconut water and chia seeds.

It's far more delicious and convenient than eating all of those ingredients one-by-one, and it's exactly what I need come 10am and I am getting the munchies.   

The NutriBullet is so easy to use, cleaning is a breeze because it's just the one cup that you use to drink the smoothie anyway.   

But my favourite part about the latest addition to my kitchen is that it's tiny. It takes up no more room than a kettle and for someone who likes the bare minimum on my benchtop, I hardly notice it's there.  

And it doesn't just stop at smoothies, you can make dips, sauces, milkshakes, anything!  

The verdict: absolute winner.