'PRIME TIME FODDER': Clare Verrall and Jono Pitman in a scene from the TV series Married At First Sight. Supplied by Channel 9.
'PRIME TIME FODDER': Clare Verrall and Jono Pitman in a scene from the TV series Married At First Sight. Supplied by Channel 9.

Why tele has become a 'viper pit' of moral degradation


A RECENT letter to these pages lamented the passing of our standards and the decline of morality, when some girls were heard openly discussing in public and for all to hear, naming potential fathers for their yet-to-be-conceived children.

There is nowhere that we are immune from this standard in Gympie and other places. It is not uncommon to hear the profanity and blasphemy of the young in Mary St, at sporting fixtures, in coffee shops, at bus stops. The list goes on. No person is immune and, should you say something to the perpetrators, a mouthful is returned, sometimes accompanied by threats of violence.

Where does this attitude come from? What allows some to think it's all right to curse, blaspheme and have no regard or respect for others? Where does this superior attitude come from? What makes this complete lack of regard okay? Does it come from the home, the schools, clubs, and associations? Could somebody please let me in on the secret?

Of course, there is no single source of this attitude but we see it reinforced subliminally on a daily basis. Sometimes the print media calls in the sackcloth and ashes brigade with its socialistic leanings, sometimes the visual media decides what will make good entertainment and, as a result, increase its profit. They must strive to continually improve the "bottom line” but they send out mixed messages.

The most obvious way to make media more acceptable to the masses is through the inanely named "social media”. We see evidence of this daily, where people can hide behind pretend names and say what hurtful things they want to say. Some of these comments engender no thought but, because they are in print, they seem to carry some weight. These pretend journalists gain a form of credibility simply because they are in print.

But, by far, it is the TV industry that shines as the viper pit of moral and attitude degradation. Shows such as Married at First Sigh, The Batchelor and The Bachelorette have become prime time fodder for the masses.

It is not entertainment, but more like voyeurism for the brain deprived. Similarly, the rantings of those on television who are given a segment to air their views, also fall short of the mark but carry an air of respectability simply by being in front of the people. They achieve celebrity status and appeal to those who are unable to think for themselves and merely follow the trend.

So it is that people are given to believe that their own opinion is worth listening to. While it is true that everyone is entitled to an opinion, they are not always necessarily entitled to express it. As "bad things happen when good people do nothing”, I will continue to speak up in an effort to persuade and convince by logic that loudest is not necessary right and oldest is not always wrong.

David Collins,