LOVEBIRDS: Pam Critchley and Pete Horton at the 2018 Gympie Muster.
LOVEBIRDS: Pam Critchley and Pete Horton at the 2018 Gympie Muster. Renee Albrecht

Why the Gympie Muster is the best festival in Australia

THEIR two worlds only became one 19 months ago, but Morayfield couple Pete Horton and Pam Critchley have wasted no time bonding over their shared love of the Gympie Music Muster.

Going into just her second Muster while her newfound partner prepares for his 17th, Ms Critchley said it was at another country music festival when their paths crossed.

"We walked into the hotel opposite the court house during Tamworth Country Music Festival, and my friend said 'I've known this guy for about eight years and he's perfect for you', but I wasn't sure," she said.

"We just started talking and that was it, we've been travelling on the road and doing everything together since then, we like going to Tamworth, CMC (Rocks) and the Muster.

"He (Pete) had a camp-trailer, so he's updated himself to a caravan now.

The duo said they were both keen on headliner Lee Kernaghan's performance this year, with Troy Cassar-Daley and Beccy Cole also making their must-see list.

Mr Horton said it wasn't necessarily the artists that brought him back to the Muster each year.

"It's the people who bring us back, our friends are here. After 17 years there's people you know everywhere," he said.

"We enjoy seeing all the different bars each year, and we see some of the same people at other festivals around the country."

Good mates David Avenell and Andrew Wheatley only became good mates because of last year's Muster, when a chance campsite meeting led the two to strike up a conversation.

Speaking from the same spot in which they met, Mr Wheatley said it was simply hanging out and "wandering around" that appealed most.

"You'll just wander in to a tent and then you'll be listening to someone for the first time, that's half the fun," he said.

"There's obviously certain acts that if they're on we'll go and watch, but if we hear someone we like we just rock up.

The Gympie Music Muster kicks off next Thursday.