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Why women should have babies at Gympie Hospital

WOMEN of Gympie, your maternity unit needs you.

Since the $1.8 billion Sunshine Coast University Hospital opened on our doorstep last year, women have been opting in droves to have their babies down there.

That is all very well - and everybody obviously has the right to choose - but just imagine this region without its own maternity unit - imagine not having any option but to travel to the Sunshine Coast.

It would be a terrible loss. Equally devastating, if the exodus to SCHUH continues, is the threat of staff cut-backs in Gympie.

Danni Stewart, Kelly Fromm, Cooper Stewart, Lexi Fromm
Danni Stewart, Kelly Fromm, Cooper Stewart, Lexi Fromm Troy Jegers

Three of my four children were born in the Gympie maternity unit. I loved each experience - apart, of course, from the actual pain of childbirth.

The midwives are experienced, caring, professional, fun and understanding. They are also our neighbours and friends.

Gympie Hospital Home visit programs for new mums.  Midwife Toni Cross.  Photo Tanya Easterby / The Gympie Times
Former midwife Toni Cross. Tanya Easterby

The unit looks out over the mountains and everyone you know and love can come visit during visiting hours. Opting to have your baby on the coast is more isolating.

Two gorgeous sisters who both recently had babies in Gympie - one needing an epidural and one needing to be induced and have an emergency caesarean - put the unit to the test and cannot speak more highly of it.

BUSY GIRL: Midwife Melissa has been kept busy with all the babies at the Gympie Hospital. Photo Craig Warhurst / The Gympie Times
Midwife Melissa Ormann Craig Warhurst