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Tim Jerome Wide Bay federal election candidate Contributed

Wide Bay candidate: 'Don't mix Church and State'

A letter to the editor by Tim Jerome:

I WENT to a meeting organised by the Gympie community church recently called Church and State.

The first speaker said all Christians should make their own mind up when voting, to which I agree. But then came the next speaker, a Pastor Ian Sheldon, who is very outspoken on political issues.

His son Lyle Shelton is campaigning for a Senate seat in Queensland. It shocked me when Mr Shelton Snr said he had heard from Pastor Margaret Court, who has far reaching influence in Australia and around the world.

He stated that Pastor Margaret Court is communicating with all Church leaders around Australia to back Scott Morrison and his party.

I spoke up voicing my concerns in the meeting, stating nothing has changed since I was a young man.

I believe that organised religion and the State should not mix. I believe that a pastor or priest should not be telling their congregations who they should be voting for.

For as long as I can remember the LNP have always been promoted in the Protestant churches but history tells us that they have been just as useless as the ALP. Both these parties have sold us out. Both these parties have sold out the farmers and local business.

What really amazes me is that Pastor Court's reason for backing the LNP is because Scott Morrison is a Christian (by the way I am a Christian, but I am not trying to capitalise on my faith). The facts are when you vote for Scott Morrison you are voting for a party, not a man.

The party decides who is going to be their leader. One day after the election the party could decide to replace Scott Morrison with an atheist.

So where is the logic in voting for Scott Morrison on Christian grounds? The only way to be assured of the person you want to represent you, is to vote for an Independent who is not part of any party.

Tim Jerome,

Independent candidate for Wide Bay