Tim Jerome Wide Bay federal election candidate
Tim Jerome Wide Bay federal election candidate Contributed

Wide Bay Independent calls to end of 'sell out'

WIDE Bay candidate Tim Jerome is calling for change this election, saying voters are "fed up" with politicians.

Launching his campaign over the weekend, the independent said he had been wearing out the shoe-leather to listen to the electorate.

"My wife and I have door-knocked over 10,000 homes over the past six months," he said.

"People are saying the same thing - they are fed up with the two-faced lying politicians who have sold us out.''

Mr Jerome said he hopes to be a voice for "the average Australian" and turf out the people who "sold our country out".

"They have sold out our land to China and other multi-nationals, they have sold our jobs overseas, they have wrecked the immigration system, they have sold out the farmer and have forgotten about the middle to low hard-working income earners.''