A wife has spoken out about her husband's motorcycle crash to quash presumptions about speeding.
A wife has spoken out about her husband's motorcycle crash to quash presumptions about speeding. Tom Huntley

Wife speaks out after husband's terrifying crash

THE wife of a Bundaberg man involved in a motorcycle crash has spoken out to quash common presumptions that riders often speed.

Yesterday, Jasmine-Lee Lammi's husband was driving on Rosedale Rd about 8.45pm when he and another rider, both in their 20s, hit something that caused them to crash.

"They didn't hit each other, but they both hit something on the road and went down about the same time," Mrs Lammi said.

Just days before Christmas, the incident had left her husband with two broken bones in his foot, a torn tendon and gravel rash, while the second rider was taken to Bundaberg Hospital in a serious condition with suspected neck and chest injuries.

Mrs Lammi said her partner, a basketball player for the Bundy Bulls, had been assessed by paramedics at the scene before being given approval to go home.

"He came home and took some pain killers, but this morning the pain was too bad, so we called an ambulance and it's been confirmed that he has broken bones in his foot," she said.

Incidents such as this one highlight the importance of wearing protective clothing on a motorcycle and being educated in how riders can properly brace themselves if they do fall.

"It's unbelievably lucky that he's been riding for a long time, so he's got quite good reflexes," she said.

"He said when he fell he made sure he tucked himself in the proper way as he slid, so he's got quite a lot of gravel rash from it.

"Because he was able to tuck most of himself in, that's why he didn't get so injured."

Mrs Lammi said she emphasised that her husband and the second driver had not been speeding, as they had turned onto the road less than a kilometre before the crash.

"Everyone just assumes that motorcyclists always speed, but that wasn't the case, and he's really upset at himself for not being able to control his bike after he hit the rocks."

It was unclear exactly what the men hit, but Mrs Lammi said it could have been loose rocks.

"He said the road was new, that the road had just been redone, so I think maybe after they did the road they didn't clear it off properly," she said.

She said she wasn't sure how her partner's injuries would affect his role with the basketball team going into next year.

"He's quite sports-oriented, so I'm worried that this will affect him," she said.

"I know that they were trying to make QBLs (Queensland Basketball League) next year... but hopefully with physio and stuff, he'll be fine."

Heartbreakingly, Mrs Lammi and her family had bought a special present for Christmas this year.

"Our family Christmas present was a proper basketball hoop set up that we were going to use because we've got children as well," she said.

"He's not going to be able to do it with his son, so that's sad."

Even under the circumstances, she took the opportunity to make a joke about the festive day.

"It looks like I'll be cooking the barbecue this year... that's like the only time he cooks," she said.