ROMANTIC: Warren Bornman with wife Vesna.
ROMANTIC: Warren Bornman with wife Vesna.

Wife's beautiful tribute to husband lost in a moment

VESNA Bornman says the best day of her life was marrying the most romantic, caring, loving and straight-shooting man she ever knew.

The worst day was having two police officers at her door telling her he was gone.

Buderim man Warren Bornman was killed in Brisbane shortly after visiting his son when an oncoming car turned in front of his motorcycle on December 30.

The death of the 51-year-old has left his wife of three and a half years reeling, along with his adult children and two stepdaughters.

"I never thought I would find true love and happiness until I met Warren,'' Vesna wrote in a beautiful tribute read by her daughter Natasha at Warren's celebration of life service on Tuesday.

Warren and Vesna loved spending time on the beach and the water together.
Warren and Vesna loved spending time on the beach and the water together.

"He loved me insanely like nobody else could. He was a real romantic and so thoughtful, always surprising me with something whether it be my favourite flowers or a new toilet!"

"He understood and accepted me with all my insecurities and craziness.

"Every morning we would have our coffee together and then I would sit on his knee and he would tell me how much he loved me.

Warren and Vesna:
Warren and Vesna: "That golden smile would melt my heart every time".

"He would laugh at my cheesy puns and listen to my stories about my day.  He had the best smile…that golden smile would melt my heart every time.  We loved to snuggle in bed together watching Netflix, eating Twisties and Aldi hazelnut dark chocolate.

"He would take me to Café 65 for breakfast nearly every Sunday and watch other people eat and just shake his head."

"I will miss our Maccas drive thru coffee runs and watching sunsets.

"I will miss our beach days where he would be trying to read his book and I would be annoying him with taking pictures.

"I will miss going to Bunnings and aldi with him and looking at specials and then him yelling out.."its a halfa price!"

"I will miss his hand on my leg whenever we went for a drive. I will miss him holding my hand and kissing my fingers and his big Wazzy bear hugs.  

"He always made me feel so important in his life and would do anything for me, I was his Principessa and sweet potato.

Warren Bornman served in the military.
Warren Bornman served in the military.

"Our dog Sammy loved him and would wait for him to come home from work every day. He would jump up and down until Warren gave him a treat.

"We were like two peas in a pod...We were inseparable, always together.   My time with him was so precious and I wanted to spend every minute with him.

Vesna said Warren was an honest, genuine guy who didn't pull any punches.

His sons from his first marriage also paid tribute to loving dad who was strict but also took time for them, including surfing at Pt Cartwright.

Always a hard worker, he was a good provider for his family and could do practically anything from building a shed, painting the house, fixing the roof to planting a vegetable garden.

"He was very protective of me and cared so much about my wellbeing, always telling me to look after myself,'' Vesna said in her tribute.

"He was full of wisdom and If you wanted to know something or get some advice, you asked Warren.

"They say you can tell a good man by the way he treats his mother. When I met him, I knew he was a great catch because he called his mum every single day to make sure she was ok. "He adored his children and was so proud of every one of them.

Vesna and Warren Bornman on their wedding day.
Vesna and Warren Bornman on their wedding day.

"No one will ever replace you because you were one in a million.

"I don't know where I would be without all the love and support you gave me and the girls,'' Vesna said.

"You always wanted the best for us and we were so lucky to have such a kind, generous and wise man in our lives.

"I was blessed to be married to you for three and a half years, it was the best years of my life full of dates and adventures.  You were my world, my forever love and my best friend and you made me so incredibly happy. 

Warren Bornman will be missed by many on the Coast and beyond.
Warren Bornman will be missed by many on the Coast and beyond.

"I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with you, and then I realised… you spent the rest of your life with me and I can breathe knowing you loved me till your last breath.
"My aching heart will love and miss you forever.''