A JOYRIDER'S jaunts included a cross-border trip in a stolen Lexus during a "drug-driven" three month crime spree.

Wade Lawrence Jackson was on parole and serving a suspended sentence when he embarked on a crime wave in mid-2016.

After stealing a Lexus in NSW and sparking a chase he ditched the Lexus in Queensland, pinched another car and raced through Ipswich to Brisbane, driving erratically.

At the time, police claimed he created "three hours of anarchy" and evaded cops for more than 250km.

Even road spikes on the Cunningham Highway could not stop him, and Jackson eluded the PolAir helicopter too.

Police believe 30-year-old Wade Lawrence Jackson can assist with their investigation.
Police believe 30-year-old Wade Lawrence Jackson can assist with their investigation. Queensland Police Media

The 32-year-old was sentenced in Brisbane District Court on Tuesday for 34 theft, drug and property offences.

One incident involved Jackson telling a car owner: "Give me the keys, c---, or I'll smash you."

Defence counsel Kim Bryson said Jackson had a mostly stable upbringing but "was introduced to heroin forcibly by a family member at a very young age".

Drug-induced paranoia had been a problem for Jackson but he had taken steps to rehabilitate, Ms Bryson said.

"I have no doubt it's all drug-driven," Judge Deborah Richards said.

She said Jackson's highway escapades included "quite a serious attempt to escape the police" before abandoning a car, then stealing another.

It wasn't immediately clear what the financial cost of Jackson's offending was.

"Some of the cars are quite expensive cars, particularly a Lexus," the judge said.

"Stealing cars involves a lot of inconvenience for the people involved."

Judge Richards said Jackson was fortunate to have family who loved him "very much".

The 481 days Jackson spent in pre-sentence custody counted as time served.

He was jailed for five years but will be eligible for parole on March 24. -NewsRegional