This letter writer wants to know who will be next?
This letter writer wants to know who will be next? NEW HOLLAND

Will bored housewives be lining up to point finger at Santa?

Letter to the Editor from Kandanga

I'M CERTAINLY not condoning it, but the sudden rash or rush of accusations of sexual misconduct amazes me.

Sex has been around for quite a while and I would not be surprised if Adam groped Eve. And how many men would not be guilty of one form or another of this disgusting activity? Yes groping.

And quite a bit of it apparently occurred 20 or 30 years ago. Rolf Harris got jail for it, Bill Clinton got fame, Bill Cosby apparently beat the rap, and more recently we have had high-profile sportsmen, Olympic coaches, Geoffrey Rush.

Don Burke seems to have been a bad case, but why has it taken so long for him to be named? And who will be next? Teachers, scout leaders, personal trainers? Maybe.

But the obvious one, who would have no defence because he only comes once a year?

Santa Claus, of course. How many little boys and girls have been on his lap over the years?

Bored 40 to 50-year- old housewives could be lining up. Beware, Santa! And all lookalikes.

Richard Channel,