Queensland Government considers dumping lockout laws

THE Palaszczuk Government is preparing to dump or delays its plans for a 1am lockout in the state's nightclub precincts.

We can reveal the the Government is now considering other options - including a tough ID "scanning and banning" regime - as an alternative to the contentious policy ahead of a likely election this year.

(left) The Reef Hotel General Manager Anthony Parmenter, Central Lane Hotel Boardroom Manager Colette Potter, Gladstone Police Sergeant Adam Tetley, Venue Manager Ben Lougoon and Duty Manager Ian Ireland are tackling night life issues as a combined force. Photo Brenda Strong / The Observer
LOCKOUT DEBATE: After years of debate, the Queensland Government is about to reach the end of the road in their decision on lockout laws. Brenda Strong

Some consideration is also being given to pushing the 1am lockout back to a later hour. A report into the impact of the Government's move last July to wind back drinking hours in bars - which included bans on shots and other "rapid consumption" drinks after midnight - will determine the future of the lockout.

On Sunday, acting Premier Jackie Trad left the door open for a lockout rethink when asked about the policy.

She said the Government had already honoured its election commitment on alcohol-fuelled violence by cutting the hours alcohol could be served.