Memes about Turbo are flowing on Social media.
Memes about Turbo are flowing on Social media. Facebook

Will Turbo be taken off TV?

PEOPLE want Turbo taken off TV, but will Prospero Productions the makers of Outback Truckers listen?

Peter Teatoff or Turbo, as he is known, has been on reality TV show Outback Truckers for two seasons and last night was outed on A Current Affair for owing money, ripping off a truck and being jailed for fraud.

Read Turbo cracks it then ends up in jail here.

Prospero Productions often made Turbo's money troubles into story lines for the show.

In the wake of the news the memes have started flowing on social media and so have the comments about how he shouldn't be representing the transport industry.

On the Prospero Facebook page posts about Turbo have been taken down including links to the ACA expose.

"What don't like the truth prospero productions, deleted my post about your so called star turbo. You're as bad as he is," said Geoffrey Price.

He also comment that "Turbo is a fraud and thief" and "boycott this show everyone".

Cher Gordon said "He might make good ratings but Turbo has always been an embarrassment to the Australian trucking industry. He especially is now!"

Meanwhile on the Big Rigs facebook page Eugene Cassar said "Exactly what this industry needs is someone like that to represent the decent operators out there".

"Shame on channel 7 for giving this goose air time. What a clown"

Ben Farr said "Good, hope that's the last we ever see of him".

"There's plenty of better operators out there then him who prospero could of put on the show. There's been a few others on there as well that haven't done our image of truck drivers any favours."

And Ingo Oliver Zacharias said "He always depicted that sort of Trucker that I don't want to represent my profession. I don't want the public to believe we are all like Turbo".

Big Rigs has tried to get into contact with Prospero, who in the past has been happy for us to promote the show, to find out if Turbo will be taken off air for good, however so far we've been unsuccessful in getting a response.