Moving the cricket covers proves a challenge at the weekend.
Moving the cricket covers proves a challenge at the weekend. Craig Warhurst

Weather a bit of a blow

IT WAS a wild and windy weekend in Gympie, forcing residents to hold on to their hats, and anything else that wasn't tied down.

Wind gusts peaked at 52kmh on Saturday and 50kmh on Sunday, blowing away any loose items lying about the yard.

Wind was starting to build in strength at the end of last week at Rainbow Beach. Umbrellas were sent flying, narrowly missing sunbathers and swimmers as the wind blew them haphazardly up the beach.

Market stall holders at the Gympie Mining and Historic Mining Museum were forced to continue fastening down their marquees while campers at Cooloola Cove were kept busy pegging down their tents.

Gympie regional SES controller Terry Clarke said the wind pushed a couple of trees over on Cootharaba Rd.

They have since been removed.

SES also attended to a rogue roof that had blown off a gazebo and on to a shed on the neighbour's property.

Mr Clarke said the risk of damage meant it became SES's responsibility to return the roof and tie it down as the owner was unavailable at the time.

"It was probably a bit faulty on the construction side," he said.

"Sunday was pretty much okay with no reports of any damage."

Mr Clarke said he would like to see residents tie down or put away all loose objects so they didn't become missiles in strong winds.

He also asked residents to clean out gutters after winds had blown a large amount leaf matter on to roofs and into drains.

"Leaves blocking gutters and drains will cause a big problem next time it rains or in threat of fire."



  • The wettest day was on January 7 with the highest rainfall recorded at 90.4mm
  • The highest temperature recorded this year was 36.4°C on February 21
  • Total rainfall for the year to today is 834.0mm
  • The wettest October on record was 321.1mm in 1949
  • The driest October on record was in 1988 with just 1.3mm rainfall recorded
  • The lowest temperature recorded this year was -1.3°C on July 10
  • Lowest this month 8.3°C on October 2
  • Lowest temperature for October on record is 4.6°C on the 5th in 1981