Virginia Gay, Melanie Vallejo, Katherine Hicks and Melissa Bergland star in Winners & Losers.
Virginia Gay, Melanie Vallejo, Katherine Hicks and Melissa Bergland star in Winners & Losers. Channel 7

Winners & Losers makes a big return to TV this week

BELOVED comedy drama Winners & Losers returns this week after a fiery mid-season cliff hanger.

The Melbourne-filmed series, which follows four high school friends as they navigate the challenges of adulthood, left fans hanging as Luke collapsed after trying to save Hayley from a burning barn.

In tomorrow's mid-season return, Sam rushes her brother Luke to the hospital and she and Sofie, his girlfriend, have a long and nervous wait for news.

"It's hopefully suspenseful and something for the viewers to sink their teeth into when we first come back," Katherine Hicks, who plays Sam, tells APN.

"Sam's a nurse but she's in shock from the fire herself. It's a pretty traumatic thing that happens. She is required to be really strong... but she questions the decisions she made under that pressure, which I'm sure we all would.

"What if you had done something that caused your sibling to die? You'd never forgive yourself.

"It's not often on Winners & Losers that you get to deal with life and death."

The show's return also sees Hayley's son Cory move into the Gross house in the wake of his mother's death.

Sam, who Hayley held hostage in the fire, worries Cory will blame her for the tragic events.

"She's one of those people who instinctively looks after other people," Hicks says.

"Sam being Sam, she automatically assumes it's her responsibility to take care of him.

"I workshopped a lot of the character's history with the director and we imagined she'd always been rescuing things, always bringing home lost puppies or injured birds."

But lightness comes back into Sam's life as the season continues.

"They (her friends) push her to get out of the house and get a life, so a lot of the storylines start to get more fun for Sam," she says.

"She starts to go out on dates, which is awkward. She says the wrong thing. She goes on an online dating app... and goes on a date with a gorgeous guy who turns out to be a stripper. I think the audience will like that episode."

Winners & Losers returns tomorrow at 9.20pm on Channel 7.