Winning the battle against unwanted weight

WEIGHT loss is a slow and steady journey, according to Gympie woman Kim Mooney.

The home economics teacher weighed 82 kilos before she began her year-long journey with Weight Watchers, shedding 12 kilos.

Now at 70 kilos, Ms Mooney said her students were her motivation to ditch the calories and start a healthy trend.

"I decided it wasn't right to teach about a healthy body image and healthy eating when I wasn't a healthy weight myself," she said.

Ms Mooney admitted her life beforehand could be difficult and she found her weight stopped her enjoying the simple things in life.

"I didn't do things with the kids... if we went to a water park I would sit and watch them instead of putting a swim suit on," she said.

"Shopping for clothes was depressing too. I couldn't express my individual taste."

As a child Ms Mooney struggled with her weight but the transformation has seen her confidence soar.

"It has made a difference to the way I look and feel," Ms Mooney said.

"I feel confident and happy within myself... and you get to buy a new wardrobe."

Now fit and fabulous, Ms Mooney has made the decision to enter Weight Watchers Slimmer of the Year but she said losing weight can be a struggle.

Weight Watchers focus on food in moderation and Ms Mooney said it was a difficult adjustment when she started.

She said planning daily meals helped her stick to the rules.

"It took me a year or so to get here, but now it has become a habit (healthy eating)," she said.

"Weight Watchers works because it allows you to build in treats so your not denied anything. My passion is baking and originally on the weekend I would bake three different types of bread and try them all - now I just bake one."

Above all, although the road has been steady and sometimes rough but Ms Mooney said perseverance is the most important factor.

"Just because you may have a bad day, it is important to remember you can start over the next morning," she said. "One of the big messages is not giving up when you have a set back."