WARMER WEATHER: Queensland is feeling hot, hot, hot.
WARMER WEATHER: Queensland is feeling hot, hot, hot. Contributed

Winter heatwave, early spring - the heat is on

YES, it has been cold.

But the weather gurus say that has just changed.

Hotter than average conditions are the forecast for next week and generally for the next three months, across Gympie region.

Temperatures up to four degrees above predicted and the word is that, despite some chilly minimums this week, winter has generally been unusually warm.

A Bureau of Meteorology spokesman said temperatures for the last few days of July are expected to be well up on the July average of 21.9 degrees, with today heading for a high of 26. A 27-degree Saturday is forecast, with Sunday and Monday maximums at 26 degrees.

The extra warmth comes with likely fire danger because of dry conditions and "few indications of serious rain.”

According to Higgins Storm Chasing, a high pressure system is expected to become planted over southern Queensland with a ridge extending into northern and central Queensland.

And it starts today.


Today: Max 26

Tomorrow: Min 5 Max 27

Sunday: Min 4 Max 26

Monday: Min 8 Max 26

Tuesday: Min 9 Max 27

Wednesday: Min 9 Max 24

Thursday: Min 10 Max 23

Only a speck of rain is considered possible from Wednesday, and even then next to nothing - a 30% chance of 0.4mm