Electronics expert wants youth to get involved

LEE Turner is a busy man.

As well as being owner and proprietor of Blue Logic Studios, Lee has a professional recording studio, which has been operating in Gympie for 10 years; he is an authorised trainer; licensed industrial electrical contractor, a band mentor, a music instructor, and an instrumentation test specialist - a field in which he is one of only 11 Australia wide.

He recently won a scholarship with a world renowned amplifier manufacturer, Weber Amps, from Texas in the United States.

Add to this the numerous awards, his music degree and other accolades he has garnered and it is understandable why people want to learn from him.

He imparts his impressive knowledge in different courses and seminars on a regular basis and his reason for being a gold sponsor with the Gympie Career Expo for the past four years is obvious.

"I'm trying to get the youth of Gympie interested in electronics," he says.

"But I want to make it fun.

"I'm trying to keep things fun, but from a serious point of view."

A basic electronics course for young people is now on offer and Lee is also trialling an online advanced electronics course for amplifier technicians.