Star Wars is but a small part of the huge impact imagination has had on our world.
Star Wars is but a small part of the huge impact imagination has had on our world. Kevin Farmer

Without the world's nerds, we'd have nothing cool at all

IN MY halcyon days of youth I was devastated to learn I would need glasses.

After all, this would mark me as that most outcast species: a nerd.

Of course, I'd overlooked that my nose being buried in a book and having sports skills on par with Gumby in a cyclone had already marked me as such, but self-delusion is a powerful thing.

Why the nostalgia trip?

Because today millions are celebrating Star Wars day.

NEW TEAM: Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Studios have announced that Spider-Man will join the Marvel cinematic universe.

Photo Marvel Comics
Marvel's characters were once a refuge for nerds - now they rule popular culture. Contributed

It lacks the prim regality of, say, a Queens' Birthday - but frankly, what would you rather? A dinner party or a hootenanny?

And if you've ever partied with a Star Wars nut, you know it's about more than dudes in white armour and Care Bears with repressed anger issues.

It's about imagination and what it can achieve.

In this April 1972 photo made available by NASA, John Young salutes the U.S. flag at the Descartes landing site on the moon during the first Apollo 16 extravehicular activity. NASA says the astronaut, who walked on the moon and later commanded the first space shuttle flight, died on Friday, Jan. 5, 2018. He was 87. (Charles M. Duke Jr./NASA via AP)
It wasn't athletes who made this happen. Charles M. Duke Jr.

It wasn't athletes who put a man on the moon - or, if you prefer - who convincingly covered up the fact we've never been to the moon for five decades.

It wasn't politicians who brought you Apple and IBM, or magazine models who created the 56 years of history Marvel Comics just relied on in their $2 billion obliteration of box office records.

There are limits to how many people can succeed at sport, politics or the film industry.

But everyone can be a nerd. All it takes is your imagination.