The accused man has been refused bail.
The accused man has been refused bail.

Household objects that ‘became weapons’

A MAN beat and tortured his four-year-old stepson and his wife using a fly swatter and coat hangers, and used a wooden handle on the boy, a court has been told.

Investigating officer Detective Acting Sergeant Elise Trotter said a doctor who examined the boy found bruises to his entire body, apart from part of a calf.

The Korean man, in his mid-30s, who has been in Australia for several years, was refused bail when he appeared on 12 charges in Brisbane Magistrates Court yesterday.

The court was told the man, who is facing 10 counts of bodily harm and two counts of torture, used various household implements to beat the boy.

Acting Sgt Trotter said she had video showing how despondent the boy was.

He had marks on his groin and bottom and marks consistent with being hit with a wooden handle on his penis, the court was told.

Acting Sgt Trotter said the man admitted to first using a fly swat, escalating to using a wooden coat hanger, and when that broke too easily, a thicker plastic coat hanger.

She said he said he then used a wooden handle, which he said was off a toy.

A broken wooden handle was found hidden under rubbish in the home kitchen bin, the court heard..

Acting Sgt Trotter said the man also admitted to assaulting his wife, demonstrating how he had used an open hand to hit her around the head.

The man denied deliberately slamming his wife's head into a wall, but said he could have pushed her head against a wall while wrestling her to the floor.

The magistrate was shown 24 pages of photos of the boy's alleged injuries and 15 pages of photos of the mother's.

The man met his current wife, the boy's mother, after his former wife died, leaving him to raise two young children alone, and he wrote about it on an online blog, the court heard.

He and his wife married in Korea, before she and her son came to Australia last year.

Magistrate Belinda Merrin said it was alleged the offences occurred on four separate occasions.

She said the photos showed extensive and serious injuries and bruising to the boy and there were allegations of serious emotional abuse in relation to the torture offences.

Ms Merrin found there was a risk of the man committing further offences if granted bail.