Bare All Cleaning Service on Gold Coast has cleaners that will mop your floors in the buff.
Bare All Cleaning Service on Gold Coast has cleaners that will mop your floors in the buff.

‘I clean naked and make $100k’

A WOMAN has revealed how she earns $104,000 a year by working just 16 hours a week - as a controversial nude cleaner.

The 28-year-old business graduate and single mum, from the Gold Coast, earns a living mopping, scouring and sponging homes completely in the buff.

The woman, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, previously worked as a clothed regular cleaner but said she has doubled her income and halved her hours by doing the job completely starkers.

She works for Queensland company Bare All Cleaning Service who say they are satisfying a growing international appetite for their scantily-clad staff.

But the business has found itself locked in a dirty dispute - with one local councillor deeming their services "disgraceful".

The woman said: "I have a great body, so why not show it off? I like being nude and enjoy the skin I'm in, so I really like the job.

"Clients have all been respectful - the ground rules are laid out to clear to them on booking.

"Most of them just want to have a chat and watch."

The woman said she believes the business will be welcomed into mainstream society over time, but until then she is enjoying the gap in the market.

Since working for Bare All, she simultaneously doubled her income and halved her hours, going from earning $52,000 a year for a 40-hour week to $104,000 for a 16-hour week.

And these financial perks of the job have not been lost on her.

The woman said: "Most people will never earn that as an hourly rate. The only difference is I do is my job in the nude."

Founder of Bare All Cleaning Service Brett Jones, who launched the booming business in May after moving from Byron Bay, said clients were strictly prohibited from making advances on staff.

Brett said: "To be clear, it's a look-but-don't-touch policy. Our cleaners aren't there to perform anything other than a cleaning.

"There is no sexual activity other than entertainment.

"This is basically about making a mundane task cheeky and fun.

"Most people want to leave the house when a cleaner comes, but we're trying to make it more welcoming to stay."

Brett has 150 cleaners on his roster - 95 of them females - with prices starting at $90 an hour for lingerie, $140 for topless and $169 for fully nude.

Clients book through a website which identifies them via payment details, and cleaners check in with employers on arrival and departure from every address.

In addition, there is a security system allowing them to be swiftly evacuated if trouble arises.

But these measures have done little to assure veteran Gold Coast City councillor Dawn Crichlow, who had some strong words for Brett about how welcome he was in her neck of the woods.

Councillor Dawn said: "All I have to say is that the business is disgraceful and gives the Gold Coast a bad reputation.

Some of the cleaners earn more than $100k a year.
Some of the cleaners earn more than $100k a year.

"Let them stay in Byron Bay."

But Brett hit back at the councillor's claims, claiming the business was completely within the law.

Brett said: "She has no idea what the business is really about. All we do is run a cleaning business with where people get paid a lot more to wear a lot less.

"We're not breaking any laws and we're not doing anything wrong.

"It's not for everyone, but you can't cater to everyone all of the time."