An ultrasound revealed the cause of the woman’s distress
An ultrasound revealed the cause of the woman’s distress

Woman falls pregnant six years after having her womb removed

After labouring at home for hours, an Ethiopian woman was raced to hospital for an emergency C-section.

But tragically, it was too late to save her baby.

After the stillbirth, the 32-year-old woman's womb was so damaged that doctors had little choice but perform a hysterectomy.

Six years later, the same woman went back to hospital complaining of "worsening abdominal pain and vomiting," as was reported in the Journal of Medical Case Reports last month.

Doctors at the Felege Hiwot Referral Hospital in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia reported that the woman was "confused and irritable, with an undetectable blood pressure" and had experienced significant blood loss.

An ultrasound revealed the cause of the woman's distress: she was pregnant.

The 13-week-old foetus had grown on a "stump" which had been left attached to the woman's cervix during the hysterectomy surgery.

The ectopic pregnancy had caused over four litres of blood to flow into the woman's abdominal area, causing her body to start to shut down.

"Our patient was close to death by the time the diagnosis was made," the doctors wrote.

The woman reportedly hadn't used contraception because she believed it had left her infertile but the doctors cautioned that any "reproductive-aged woman with at least one ovary and a means for sperm to meet egg" was at risk of falling pregnant.

Her doctors, led by Dr Dawud Muhammed Ahmed, believe that she is one of only 72 women ever to fall pregnant after their wombs were removed.

Even more incredibly, the woman is likely the third ever case of an ectopic pregnancy developing on the cervix.

"While a complete uterus is the typical site of gestation, it is not absolutely necessary for fertilisation and implantation," the doctors wrote.

Incredibly, she managed to survive the ordeal, after spending nine days in hospital fighting for her life.

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