A Gold Coast woman will have to live next to a man who allegedly raped her.
A Gold Coast woman will have to live next to a man who allegedly raped her.

Woman forced to live next to her accused rapist

A GOLD Coast court has allowed a man accused of rape to have contact with his alleged victim because they are neighbours.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is accused of holding his neighbour down by the neck and saying "here's your son" as he raped her in his garage.

He is no longer prevented from contacting the woman after bail conditions were changed in the Southport Magistrates Court. The changes took into account the pair are neighbours, so the man no longer has to stay at least 100m away from the woman.

The man, 35, is charged with two counts of rape.

Police will allege the pair met when the woman was drinking at a venue nearby with her boyfriend. They took a bus home and continued drinking at the man's place.

After getting home with her partner, the woman realised about 1.15am on April 7 that she had lost her cigarettes, so returned to the man's home to look for them, it is alleged. She ended up having another drink with the man and his friend in the garage.

Police allege the man's friend left and the woman and her neighbour continued to drink for some time until she decided to go home.

It is alleged that as the woman tried to leave the man grabbed her and said: "You are not going anywhere."

Police allege the woman struggled and screamed before the man put his hand over her throat, pinned her down and raped her.

It is alleged the man told the woman "here's your son" during the rape.

The man released the woman and she gathered her clothes and left, police allege.

The woman went home, spoke to her flatmate and called police.

Police spoke to the man in June.

He was later granted bail which included a condition he have no contact with the woman and remain at least 100m away from her.

Defence solicitor Farshad Sarabi, of Hannay Lawyers, said this was not possible because he and the alleged victim were neighbours.

Magistrate Mark Howden removed a bail condition requiring the man stay at least 100m away from the woman. The matter will return to court on October 1.