Bundaberg Court House.
Bundaberg Court House.

Woman hides drugs in Mama Bear’s room

THE Supreme Court in Bundaberg has heard the great lengths a woman went to in hiding drugs and utensils, including a gold pipe in the shape of a vacuum cleaner.

Veronica Rochelle Rachow pleaded guilty to a number of charges including possession of drugs in excess of 2g, possession of utensils and possession of a weapon.

The court heard police conducted a search warrant at Rachow’s home and found many of the doors inside the home locked.

Police searched the a room which had ‘Mama Bear’s Room’ written on the door.

When police got to the room they saw the windows were boarded up on the outside and the door was locked.

A drug detection dog found an area of interest on the left side of the bed in the room.

Crown prosecutor Stipe Drinovac told the court police found a black magnetic container which was attached to the bed frame.

Inside the box there was a variety of drugs, including three clipseal bags containing 5.458g of pure meth.

There was also a clipseal bag of cocaine and another with MDMA.

Items including a golden pipe in the shape of a vacuum cleaner and a taser disguised as a torch were found.

Mr Drinovac said Rachow wasn’t home at the time of the raid and they left a call card for her to contact them.

He said the crown submitted the drugs were intended for commercial use.

Rachow’s barrister Callan Cassidy told the court Rachow hadn’t been a drug user throughout her life.

Mr Cassidy said Rachow had the doors inside the home locked to prevent her son and his girlfriend from gaining access.

She travelled to Brisbane to source the drugs.

He said Rachow began using the drugs to self medicate after being in a toxic relationship.

Rachow was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment, with an immediate parole release.

She was convicted.