CCTV footage by Sonia Gates.
CCTV footage by Sonia Gates. Contributed

Woman jails her DV abuser with CCTV footage

A BANORA Point woman who used CCTV footage to capture her knife-wielding ex on a meth rampage has called for other victims of domestic violence to install cameras in their homes to protect themselves against repeat violence.

Sonia Gates installed a $450 system including night vision cameras at her home. The footage was used in court to jail her ex-husband on March 31 over his ice-fuelled rampage in January 2015.

Daniel Frewin was captured on security footage bashing down the door of the home before arming himself with knives; flipping furniture to make a barricade, while Ms Gates hid in her "safe room", blocked by a set of filing cabinets.


Banora Point mother-of-three Sonia Gates.
BRAVE: Sonia Gates. Contributed

Tweed Byron LAC command officers stormed the home armed with a taser and gun, taking Frewin into custody.

The 39-year-old was sentenced to jail for five years and six months after he pleaded guilty to aggravated break-in and enter, committing a serious indictable offence armed, contravening an apprehended violence order, and destroying property (domestic violence).

Ms Gates said the CCTV proved a powerful way to support herself, dealing with the court and police.

"I was scared because he was violent in the past. I wanted to make sure when he came back it was on camera and it was on record and he could go to jail for longer," the 42-year-old said.

"It was amazing to catch it all and tape in the dark. The judge was shocked he armed himself in the house, so it did make a big impact.

"I would absolutely suggest it to anyone, just to protect yourself in anyway. Women must think smarter and take a bit of control back.


CCTV footage by Sonia Gates.
CCTV footage by Sonia Gates. Contributed

"We had the safe room, which I made sure I had the filing cabinet in; we've hidden in there before from him."

The administration clerk bravely shared the story following a recent media report highlighting seven Queensland woman who had died in the last month through domestic violence.

"I was so angry about it, and I wanted to help somebody," Ms Gates said.

"We need to be smarter. It's just so different when you have it on film. Without that footage it was just his word against mine.

"It doesn't have to be a $400 system, there's cheaper ones."

Anyone who is in immediate danger is encouraged to contact triple-0.

The NSW police 24-hour crisis line also responds to domestic violence, including with refuge referrals.

They can be contacted on 1800 656 463.

Other numbers include the police Domestic Violence Liaison 07 5536 0999 and police stations: Murwillumbah : 02 6672 9499, Tweed 07 5536 0999, Kingscliff 02 6674 9399, Coolangatta 07 5536 2444.


CCTV footage by Sonia Gates.
PRIVATE HORROR: Home CCTV footage captures Sonia Gates’ ex-partner’s rampage. Top left, wielding a knife. Bottom, amid the destruction. Above, Surrendering to police. Contributed