A woman threatened to cut her boyfriend's throat with a butcher's knife.
A woman threatened to cut her boyfriend's throat with a butcher's knife.

Woman pressed butcher's knife against partner's throat

A MACKAY woman had an extra 12 months added to her jail term for threatening to cut her boyfriend's throat with a butcher's knife.

Mackay Magistrates Court heard this was barely a month after she was handed 17 months imprisonment with parole by the District Court for wounding the same man.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was drunk when she lashed out at her partner of eight years pushing a long handled butcher's knife against his neck on March 11 this year.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Jay Merchant said she told the man, "I'll cut your throat."

Fearing his life, he ran and called police. When police arrived she tried to flee, but was soon caught.

"She denied any weapons had been used during the incident," Sgt Merchant said. A knife was found matching the description given by the man.

"The defendant's history is riddled with like offences," Sgt Merchant said, arguing for a cumulative jail term.

The 31-year-old pleaded guilty to an aggravated breach of a domestic violence order.

Defence solicitor Peter Clark, of Strutynski Law, said the woman had been in jail since March 14 after her parole was suspended.

He said she had been grossly intoxicated at the time and that "goes to the level of criminality".

Mr Clark said the wounding against the man had more "reckless wounding rather than intentional".

"Here there's a threat, she doesn't follow through," he said.

"She's paying dearly already for this crime."

Acting Magistrate Ron Muirhead said it was serious threat to cut a man's throat after she had already been jailed for violence against the same victim.

He jailed her for 12 months, which will start when her other sentence finishes in July next year.

A conviction was recorded and she will be eligible for parole on July 7, 2020.