UPDATE: THE woman who was punched in the face by a man during a violent road rage attack caught on dashcam has slammed him as a "bitch, low-life (and) scumbag" on national television.

Newcastle woman Bianca Lee Sams, 22, was punched in the mouth during a heated confrontation on the NSW Central Coast.

Speaking to A Current Affair on Tuesday night, she didn't hold back.

"I don't back down to no one, never have, never will ... he's a bitch in my eyes," Ms Sams said.

"I was like, 'this dude is a f***in' nutcase (and) I need to protect me, my friend and son'.

"I just grabbed a set of nails like a nail gun, breaking them up, and then I just started hoping he'd leave us alone, and throwing them at his car, he just kept coming."

Earlier on Tuesday, Ms Sams revealed in a series of posts on social media that she also threw a chisel out her car window before the attack.

In one of the posts she claimed her actions were in response to allegedly nearly being run off the road in a car carrying herself, the driver and a "five month old baby".

"I threw them because I had to ... (it was) what I had to do to protect me and my friend," Ms Sams told ACA.

"We were both scared, We didn't know what to do.

"We tried swerving ... and he kept following us."

Bianca Sams on A Current Affair. Picture: Channel Nine.
Bianca Sams on A Current Affair. Picture: Channel Nine.

Truck driver Dwayne Pillidge said he saw a woman throwing projectiles from the car she was a passenger in.

"It was kind of like a 'Dukes of Hazard' scene, so she was sitting on the windowsill and it looked a little bit like maybe small pieces of wood," Mr Pillidge wrote when he posted the video to Dash Cam Owners Australia.

"I don't care what your reason, it is not OK to hit a woman."

The attack captured on Mr Pillidge's dash cam shows a man in a yellow T-shirt walking determinedly towards the vehicle stopped at an intersection in front of him.

Ms Sams can be seen in the footage as she gets out the passenger side and stands next to the car with her arms folded as the man approaches.

They appear to say something to each other. Within seconds, he punches her directly in the face.

"I wasn't gonna' do nothing to him," Ms Sams told ACA.

"I had my arms crossed, I wasn't it's an aggressive manner. I always cross me arms."

In the footage, Ms Sams' head jerks violently back and she then grabs her face and climbs back into her car. It then shows the man walking back to his own vehicle, but as he is doing so, the front vehicle reverses backs and appears to swerve toward him.

She told friends on Facebook she passed the man "doing 50 in a 80 zone" and alleged he became aggressive.

The man calmly approaches the woman before appearing to strike her.
The man calmly approaches the woman before appearing to strike her. Supplied

Ms Sams said her friend Taylor, who was driving, had a baby in the car when the assault occurred.

"Wanna I hope I never find you ... Still standing didn't even hurt mate," she wrote. The post was accompanied with laughing emojis.

After friends asked if she was OK, she told them she was "fine" but wanted to take him to the police.

"Hit me right in the jaw hahaha doesn't hurt one bit."

Police have confirmed they are investigating the attack. A NSW Police spokesman told news.com.au a woman had made contact with police.

"While police are yet to receive a formal complaint from the alleged victim in this matter, officers from Tuggerah Lakes Local Area Command will be reviewing the footage to identify and locate any involved parties. Inquiries are continuing."

Tuggerah Lakes Chief Inspector Lott said the woman in the video had contacted police.

He said the violence toward the woman was particularly shocking.

"The level of violence is totally unacceptable," Chief Insp Lott said.

Police have since identified the man and will be speaking with him, authorities said.

"At this stage there is much conjecture, some people making comments on social media are stating that there might be some aggravating circumstances leading up to the event, but we are unaware of that and we have had no one give us formal information to that effect," he said.

A woman who was punched in a violent road rage attack suffered a bruised, swollen and cut lip. Picture: Channel 9.
A woman who was punched in a violent road rage attack suffered a bruised, swollen and cut lip. Picture: Channel 9.

"Assaults of any sort are unacceptable. If anything happens on the road and that aggravates you, you do not take the matter into your hands, you certainly do not assault another person."

The video had attracted thousands of comments and been shared almost 1300 times on Facebook, as of early Tuesday morning.

One commenter posted: "Disgusting! ... road rage ... assault ... etc

"Obviously not taught to keep your hands to yourself & use your words. Why people can't just argue & agree to disagree & walk away ... Grow up!"

He punched her directly in the face.

While one woman said: "What he did was wrong whether it was a male or female at the other end of the punch. Completely disgusted by the comments on this post."

Another described the man as a "gutless pig". "I seriously can't believe what most of the males are saying on this no man should ever lay a hand on a female it doesn't make you a man it makes you a coward and to the guy in the video you're a gutless pig," they wrote.

Police are also appealing for anyone with information to get in touch via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


Woman punched in face during sickening road rage attack

EARLIER: A VIOLENT road rage attack captured on video, in which a man gets out of his car to punch a woman, is being investigated by police.

The man gets out his car and walks calmly towards the woman before appearing to punch her in the face, in the video which was captured yesterday at Doyalson on the Central Coast.

After stopping her ute at traffic lights, the woman gets out and stands on the road with her arms folded looking at the man.

The man gets out of his car and after calmly strolling towards her, suddenly punches the woman with considerable force.

But she appears completely unfazed by the attack.

He then turns and casually walks back to his car.
He then turns and casually walks back to his car. Supplied

Police had spoken to a number of people concerned about the incident.

"No one has made a formal complaint about the incident, we need the people involved to come forward," a spokeswoman said.

Originally published as Woman punched in road rage attack