Mackay man William John Seaborn was sentenced for his role in the kidnapping of his drug dealer.
Mackay man William John Seaborn was sentenced for his role in the kidnapping of his drug dealer. contributed

Woman tortured in bizarre kidnapping case

IT was a drug deal gone wrong.

The plan was to buy half a kilogram of marijuana for about $4000.

But it took a nasty turn when the dealer, a 39-year-old woman, made off with the cash.

William John Seaborn, 41, pleaded guilty in Mackay District Court yesterday for his involvement in the kidnapping and torture of his drug dealer in 2018.

While the diesel fitter did not physically harm the woman, he was sentenced for being party to the kidnapping and assault. An earlier torture charge was dropped.

The court heard Seaborn and two other men abducted the woman from a Wood Street hotel after a tirade of abusive messages were sent demanding she return the stolen money.

Crown Prosecutor Alexandra Baker said the men attacked the woman and demanded the money in the foyer of the hotel before "bundling" her into the car.

After the kidnapping, Seaborn drove the woman to an isolated industrial area near Bakers Creek, the other two men, threatened her, stuck her with a metal bar, bit and assaulted her.

Upon arrival, she suffered another beating with the metal pole before being abandoned.

Seaborn -whose mother, brother and fiancee were present for the hearing - fixed his eyes on the screen as the CCTV footage of the savage attack was shown in court

Ms Baker said the offence was protracted, weaponised and a "brutal series of assaults".

"It was brazen ... it was done in broad daylight from a central hotel in view of all the CCTV," she said.

The court heard Seaborn would receive a lighter sentence for his involvement in the offence, as he watched on while his mates bashed her with a pole and did not hurt her himself.

Since his arrest in April last year, he has served 294 days in custody.

He was sentenced to two years' jail, suspended immediately.