Woman was 'bashed, tasered and locked in boot' court told

AN IPSWICH woman was allegedly attacked in her bedroom, tasered and bashed before being placed in the boot of her car, driven away and dumped in a terrifying home invasion, a court has heard.

Police allege that on November 28, 2018, Kelly Ann Huggins and two men broke into a Raceview home.

Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday heard Ms Huggins allegedly entered a bedroom where the female occupant was and punched the woman in the head before her two male co-accuseds allegedly used a Taser on the occupant and hit her with a baseball bat.

It is alleged they robbed the house and placed the woman in the boot of a car.

She was driven away from the house before being dumped.

Ms Huggins, 39, is facing a series of charges, most seriously armed robbery in company.

She was granted bail at Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday with strict conditions, including a ban on her leaving her home at night.

Crown prosecutors did not oppose her application to be released on bail.

But the court heard Ms Huggins's lawyers have raised concerns over the legality of a police search of her home after the alleged offending.

Resolving those questions may cause the case to drag on in the courts.

The court heard a $10,000 surety was offered to ensure her compliance on bail, but prosecutors said a cash guarantee was not needed. - NewsRegional