Prosecutors said the drug dealer made thousands of dollars in the prolific illegal trade.
Prosecutors said the drug dealer made thousands of dollars in the prolific illegal trade. Victor/CCBY2.0/edited/QuinceMedi

Woman's drug business boomed even on bail

BUSINESS boomed for Naomi Maree Harling, even when she was on bail.

The Ipswich woman, 28, was sentenced on Tuesday for a prolific drug enterprise.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard Harling mostly sold ice but also dabbled in ecstasy, cocaine, buprenorphine and GHB.

Her prolific enterprise involved more than 300 supplies in about 11-and-a-half months.

The court heard Harling was given bail three times, but kept dealing.

Police found thousands of dollars in cash, the origins of which Harling couldn't fully explain.

But Justice Jean Dalton said hundreds of drugs supplies were chronicled in a tick book.

The judge said many of the deals were not like the often "pathetic" quantities the courts dealt with.

"The range of your sales was quite wide."

Justice Dalton said Harling carried out a busy retail business with "some occasional forays into wholesale" trading.

But to her credit, Harling had no criminal history, and made early guilty pleas to more than a dozen charges, including trafficking.

The Crown said the latter part of Harling's trafficking was carried out purely for profit.

Harling's defence counsel said she had been a heavy drug user.

"That's what she said to a psychologist," Justice Dalton replied.

The judge said she was reluctant to give too much credence to a report from psychologists who don't do "an independent forensic job".

Justice Dalton said Harling had a "disruptive childhood" but was also sent to a private school.

The court heard Harling had engaged with a relapse prevention course and contacted two church groups.

She been in custody already for almost a year, so 354 days counted as time served.

Harling was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in jail.

She will be eligible for parole on November 16 next year.

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