Antoine Griezmann goes down under the challenge from Josh Risdon.
Antoine Griezmann goes down under the challenge from Josh Risdon.

Socceroos skipper says penalty fiasco finished

PROUD Socceroos captain Mile Jedinak has called on his team to move on from the VAR fiasco that marred their World Cup opening game loss to France.

Jedinak's penalty equaliser cancelled out Antoine Griezmann's controversial VAR-induced opener before Paul Pogba's late winner.


Jedinak said the players must adapt as the VAR is part of the game now, despite replays clearly showing that Josh Risdon toe-poked the ball before making contact with Griezmann, casting huge doubt on the validity of the overrule, which were supposed to be reserved for "clangers".

"The fact that the player kept going for a little bit was the strangest thing I have encountered. But we have to accept it and move forward, as harsh as it (is),'' Jedinak said.

"This is going to be debated for a very long time. If I said I was frustrated by the decision I wouldn't be lying.

"But the score says 2-1 to France, a penalty to Greizman and a yellow card to Josh Risdon."

The Aston Villa midfielder has not had a lot of exposure to VAR, but has watched some of the chaotic calls from afar.

He suspects there will be more VAR calls to play out in Russia.


"Not (had) a lot of dealings with it, watched games back home and seen stuff said about it. It's here now, have to accept, like it or loathe it, it's here and part of modern football,'' he said.

"I think it changes a few things refereeing, maybe hesitate to make decisions and get call from up top, we've still got to play game and focus on it."