Cynthia Mamarika busted after a 'disgraceful' succession of public fights.
Cynthia Mamarika busted after a 'disgraceful' succession of public fights.

Wrestling mum’s ‘disgraceful’ public meltdowns

A NORTHERN Territory woman who travelled to Cairns to visit her child in a Tablelands boarding school was arrested after brawling through the CBD.

Cynthia Mamarika, 40, had travelled from Groote Eylandt with her partner to visit their daughter in November.

The Cairns sojourn devolved into a "disgraceful" succession of public fights between the pair between November 11 and November 19.

Cairns Magistrates Court heard Mamarika and her co accused began a loud and alcohol fuelled altercation outside the Railway Hotel on McLeod Street.

Police attended when the pair started wrestling on the pavement.

"The defendant was a short distance away, hiding in a flower bed," Senior Constable Stuart Berry, prosecuting, told the court.

On three further occasions the pair brawled in public - first up-ending tables and chairs outside Fasta Pasta on Sheridan Street, then at Munroe Martin Parklands where bystanders had disarmed the stick-wielding and heavily drunk defendant and finally outside Cairns Hospital.

Mamarika pleaded guilty to three counts of public nuisance.

"Your conduct was quite disgraceful really," Acting Magistrate Raimund Heggie said.

"No one in the public should have to put up with such a performance."

Mr Heggie fined Mamarika $1200 in lieu of community service that he said Mamarika owed the public "because of the level of anti social behaviour."

"(But) I do not want to set you up to fail," he said.