NORTHERN Rivers surfer Tyler Wright has claimed victory on the Samsung Galaxy World Surf League Championship Tour, taking out the 2016 WSL Women's Title

The 22-year-old has been an elite tour competitor since 2011.

This is her maiden world surfing crown following four elite Championship Tour wins this season.

"A lot has gone into this, a lot of hours and a lot of moments," Ms Wright said.

"There are a lot of reasons why I set out the win this World Title this year and a lot of reasons that I did not mention to the public.

"Last year was such a hectic year - I lost an uncle and this was the last event that he ever saw me compete in.

"A lot of emotional moments, but pretty much from that moment I promised him that I would win a World Title and I did.

"It's in his honor and my brother's honor and my whole entire family and the community I come from.

"So many things happened this year and my personal life hasn't been easy.

"Owen and my family and my mom - I just love them so much and to be able to do it for them is very special.

"I've always known I could do this and this year I was ready."