CLOSE CALL: A southwest Queensland man in his 20s is lucky to be alive after rolling his Holden ute several times last Friday.
CLOSE CALL: A southwest Queensland man in his 20s is lucky to be alive after rolling his Holden ute several times last Friday. David Nielsen

Rollover survivor tells his story: 'You're not immortal'

"I REMEMBER wishing and praying, just let this be quick. Let me go as quickly as possible."

This was the first thought going through Liam Barton's mind at 5am on Friday, May 24 when he awoke to find his ute mid-roll along the Bunya Highway just outside Memerambi.

The 20-year-old from Wondai was making his everyday work commute to into Kingaroy when he started to feel himself growing dozy.

"I started to feel my head nodding and then I was just asleep for too long," Mr Barton said.

"I can remember the wheels hitting the dirt which jolted me awake and I ended up trying to over correct it thinking I was on the other side of the road,

"I found myself hitting a big dirt cutaway and the next thing I remember is the sound of the side of the ute scraping the road and a loud banging."

Mr Barton's ute ended up rolling several times before handing upside down along the road before a work colleague found him and pulled him out.

Other than a tender knee and some moderate bruising from his seat best, Mr Barton has miraculously walked away from the wreckage unscathed.

But he is all too aware of how easily his Friday morning commute could have ended with him losing much more than his beloved Holden Ute.

"As soon as I saw my mother and girlfriend's faces I knew how badly I had scared them, and to think they could have been arriving to see me being carted off in an ambulance... it just chokes you up," Mr Barton said.

"There are no words to describe how lucky I am to be here today, I know how easily it could have gone the other way," he said.

Seven people lost their lives on southwest Queensland roads in the last week including two separate crashes near the small town of Kumbia, half an hour south of Kingaroy.

The small country community is still reeling from the deaths of four young children and their mother as well as a 63-year-old man who was killed after going through the windscreen of his ute in a nearby accident.

Mr Barton wants to warn other drivers not to push through fatigue and to listen to their bodies.

"Get out, walk around, have something to drink or pack a muesli bar to eat on the way. Whatever you do, don't try to push through it like I did," he said.

"You're not immortal. It's so easy to wake up one morning and not make it through to see another one. I keep thinking about what I very nearly put my family through and it scares the hell out of me."