You won't believe how much Pokemon Go earned its creators

POKEMON Go hasn't just taken the world by storm, it's generated phenomenal profits for the company which owns it. reports that the game has set new records both on the app store and Google play - generating a whopping $200 million (US) or about $260 million (AUD) in revenue.

The tech site estimates the game has set new heights in terms of profits from online gaming apps - tipping out former favourites Candy Crush and Clash Royale.

While that figure is a mere estimate - the game generates revenue through purchases players make in order to get a boost and figures are therefore not easily calculated or obtained - one thing is certain, investors have cashed in big time. 

However if you had Nintendo shares and were expecting to cash in get ready to be disappointed. 

It turns out the gaming giant doesn't actually own the app and isn't expecting a huge boost in profits from it. 

CNBC reports that last month Nintendo revealed it only expected the app's success to have a small impact on its bottom line - not because it isn't making money but because the real owner is another company called Niantic. 

And while Nintendo owns a small stake, it won't be canoeing down the river of gold anytime soon.