'Vomiting and sweating' minutes after funnel-web bite

Two funnel-web spiders was found at a Tweed home this week.
A man was airlifted to Toowoomba Hospital after he was bitten by a funnel-web spider.

DAVID Sullivan has been dubbed "Spiderman" by his mates after his battle with a feisty funnel-web saw him airlifted out of Chinchilla.

Mr Sullivan, a Gold Coast-based bus driver, was gardening at the Chinchilla Murrays Coaches depot on Saturday when he saw the creepy crawly on his hand and felt its sting.

"As soon as I knew it was there, it was a reflex to try and shake it off, but he wouldn't go away," Mr Sullivan said.

"He was hanging on to me and that just made me panic even more."


Within two minutes of the frightening garden incident, Mr Sullivan was vomiting and saturated with sweat.

The 49-year-old was taken to Chinchilla Hospital before RACQ CareFlight was called to transport him to Toowoomba Hospital to receive anti-venom.

Mr Sullivan was back at the Chinchilla depot with a stinging, swollen hand on Monday.

He said there was "absolutely no way" he'd be going out into the garden.

SPIDERMAN: David Sullivan has given up gardening and will be sticking to the safety of the indoors since a suspected funnel-web spider bite made him a Careflight passenger on the weekend. Photo Contributed
Spider bite victim David Sullivan. Contributed

He admitted he was already petrified by the placid daddy-long-leg spiders before he felt the fangs of the funnel-web.

"I'm never gardening anywhere ever again," he said. "I think I'll just be staying in my coach."

Doctors encourage anyone who suspects they had been bitten by a funnel-web to stay calm, limit movement, apply compression and immediately contact emergency services.