A home invader threatened to kill a woman's ex-partner with a large knife.
A home invader threatened to kill a woman's ex-partner with a large knife. Rob Williams

Young mum raids ex-partner's home with armed assailants

A YOUNG mother from Campwin Beach has walked free from court after raiding her ex-partner's home alongside armed and masked assailants.

"People make mistakes when they're young", Judge Julie Dick said, describing Dekota Odette Destiny Jones's "escapade" as a "very immature response" to a break-up.

The 19-year-old with no prior criminal record faced the District Court in Mackay on Friday, pleading guilty to burglary by break while armed and in company. Burglary by break can attract a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Crown prosecutor Alex Baker detailed the events of April 12 last year, when the home invasion occurred.

Ms Baker said the ex received a "series of texts" from the woman's phone "threatening violence" over the "division of property and for the collection of property from the home they once shared".

The ex told Jones "the property exchange would occur at lunch the following day", but Jones "showed up at the driveway with a female friend" about 6pm, screaming about her property.

About two hours later, "the complainant was disturbed by a crashing sound" and emerged to find Jones and her friend on his driveway again, Ms Baker said.

The pair "were shouting out to people, who as it turns out were in the complainant's home".

"The front door had been kicked in, people emerged from the house. Their faces were covered," Ms Baker said.

"One of them confronted the complainant with a large knife and threatened to kill him and then made demands for the defendant's property. The complainant told those people to leave and directed them to the defendant's belongings, which were neatly stacked up outside the door.

"When the security lights came on, the defendant called to the others 'let's go'."

Jones was later identified, unsurprisingly, but her "new boyfriend" avoided any charge due to "identification evidence issues", Ms Baker said.

Interviewed by police, Jones "minimised" her role with "quite a fanciful version" and "blamed her housemate".

Defence barrister Bronwyn Hartigan said Jones had faced domestic violence in the past.

She said Jones was "not proud of what occurred" and "she is not a violent person", noting a lack of prior record.

The offence was a "one-off" and three days Jones spent behind bars had taught a lesson.

Judge Dick sentenced Jones to 12 months' jail, suspended for 18 months.