‘I spent $25k on perfect body but it almost killed me’


QUEENSLAND women are having their fake breasts, teeth, hair, lips and nails removed as they reveal keeping up the illusion of perfection has made them ill and even suicidal.

Boob job regret is taking hold in Australia with data obtained by The Courier-Mail showing that the number of Medicare Benefits Schedule claims made on just one item for breast implant removal has more than tripled in 10 years.

The tide is turning and women who once thrived on store-bought, ultra glamour are going au naturel.

"Perfection is an illusion. I was hiding behind a big fake smile but I was empty inside. What I saw in the mirror didn't reflect the person I was inside. I spent $25,000 on enhancements to improve myself but they ruined me," Sarah Hyde said.


Sarah Hyde said the chase for ‘perfection’ was harmful to her self-esteem.
Sarah Hyde said the chase for ‘perfection’ was harmful to her self-esteem.


In recent weeks the Gold Coast woman has had her breast implants removed, her veneers and hair extensions taken out.

"I'm already starting to feel better. My breast implants were making me sick and I realised I had destroyed my body and my actual self-esteem. It is such a relief to have dropped the mask," she said.

Ms Hyde says she is now going through a detox program to boost her body from the inside out.


Sarah Hyde had her implants removed.
Sarah Hyde had her implants removed.


A spokeswoman for Breast Care Southport says the surgery is are seeing increased requests for implant removal.

"The women are wanting all kinds of implants taken out, not just one type, and it is usually for health reasons and some cosmetic," she said.

"We see that women are sharing their experiences on social media and are very supportive of each other in their journey to have implants removed," the manager said.

Ms Hyde has started a facebook page Goddesses Reclaiming Their Health to help other women understand that the pursuit of Insta perfection can be a killer.

"Anyone who looked at my photos would have thought I was healthy and happy. How wrong can you be?" she said.

Australians spend more on cosmetic surgery procedures per capita than Americans.


Nat Alexander got her “ideal” breasts six years ago.
Nat Alexander got her “ideal” breasts six years ago.


But she had them removed this week.
But she had them removed this week.

Nat Alexander has a similar story to tell.

"I wish I had understood that the human body is already beautiful. I wish I had realised when I was 21 that I was pretty enough and didn't need to conform to an ideal," Ms Alexander said.

She paid almost $10,000 for her "ideal" breasts six years ago and had them removed this week.

"I had so many health problems that I was depressed and actually suicidal. I want young women to understand they should not be bluffed by what they see on social media. Those images of perfection are anything but perfect," she said.

Ms Alexander says that she believes that the removal of her implants has ridded her of her vanity.