The man chased the victim down the street with an axe, Gympie Magistrates Court was told.
The man chased the victim down the street with an axe, Gympie Magistrates Court was told. Martin Cathrae

'You're dead!' Axe attacker chased man, punched woman

A TIN Can Bay man who grabbed an axe and chased a man down the street at Rainbow Beach was given suspended jail and 12 months probation in Gympie Magistrates Court on Thursday.

Michael Wayne Eadie, 41, pleaded guilty to attacking the man and obstructing police on March 21 and to punching his step-daughter in the face on December 4 last year.

Magistrate M. Baldwin told Eadie he needed to control his "propensity to violence," after the court was told Eadie had chased a man while armed with an axe, yelling out, "You're dead".

She said Eadie's conduct was alarming to anyone who saw it.

"When we have someone running around with an axe, people don't know what's going to happen," the magistrate said.

Eadie also admitted obstructing police, who had to manhandle him into the police vehicle, as he deliberately scratched himself with a sharp stone, making himself bleed in a way which forced police to come into contact with his blood. The court was told police had his blood on their hands, arms and clothes.

Police had been called to a reported fight behind the hardware store, across an open area near a residence.

Police had been informed a man had attended the residence to find Eadie and tell Eadie to leave him alone. He later agreed he should have contacted police instead.

Eadie, who registered a blood alcohol content of 0.173% at the watch house, had run onto the road with an axe, yelling. Eadie's representative said Eadie, a disability pensioner, suffered severe depression and anxiety.

Mrs Baldwin put him on 12 months' probation and suspended a three-month jail term for 12 months.